Soft Touch Electrolysis


Electrolysis…To Reveal Your Beauty

Beauty – it’s a concept everyone understands, yet it’s expressed differently by each individual. Your own sense of personal beauty is based on your insight into who you uniquely are. And, when you look and feel attractive, life is more vibrant and fulfilling. At times we seek assistance to enhance our appearance so we can be truly comfortable with ourselves and embrace life more fully. You may find – as many others have – that permanent hair removal can help you express your finest self and reveal the attractive individual that you are.

Feel Beautiful All Over

If you are looking for a treatment to permanently remove facial hair and excess body hair, then Electrolysis is the solution for you. It’s the key to attaining the smooth, sophisticated, hair-free look you desire.

Proven Treatment

Permanent hair removal is essential to realizing the look you want. Electrolysis is more effective than ever before. Furthermore, you can rest assured that your treatment will take place in the most comfortable, private environment possible. A safe, permanent method of hair removal, Electrolysis can be applied to most facial and body areas and is effective on all skin and hair types.

It’s A Treatment As Individual As You

There is no better solution than Electrolysis, a treatment that’s as individual as you are. A comprehensive and confidential evaluation ensures a personalized plan to address your specific areas of concern. Based on your consultation, your Electrologist will recommend a treatment schedule that takes into account your hair, skin and health history.

What To Expect

Your Electrologist understands that this life-transforming process requires careful preparation and planning, and he or she will provide you with the personal attention you need. You’re assured of the best care from a skilled hair removal professional. Every step of the way, you will know what to expect. You will be given the information and support you need to understand all aspects of your hair removal program.

Let Electrolysis work its wonders for you. Schedule a private consultation to learn how Electrolysis can help you look and feel beautiful all over and attain the smooth, hair-free look you desire.

Electrolysis: Working Wonders to Reveal Your Natural Beauty

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