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Elissa Schwartz, L.E. CPE

Elissa Schwartz, LE, CPE, has been practicing electrology in downtown San Francisco for more than 25 years. She loves helping people and goes to great lengths to accommodate her clients with the permanent hair removal process. Her free consultation explains the histology of the hair follicle, areas of the body that hair can be safely removed from, and generally how much time the process will take, the different methods of electrology, and how to take care of the skin after the treatments.

Elissa Schwartz is a California state licensed electrologist (LE) and is nationally accredited as a Certified Professional Electrologist (CPE). She received her LE in 1980 and her CPE in 1992. She is an active member of the Electrolysis Association of California (EAC ⁄ NC) where she held the positions of President and Vice President, and currently provides updates on the issues before the California Board of Cosmetology (i.e. continuing education, and consumer affairs regulatory information) to the membership. CPE certification requires continuing education and Elissa attends California and national seminars to acquire knowledge about the field of electrology and other health and profession related topics.


I’ve tried laser, but I like electrolysis better because it’s more exact, less painful, and more permanent. Elissa has been in the business for decades, and she is the best in the business (read fast and accurate). Recently I’ve realized that I’m addicted to electrology almost in the same way some people are to tattoos or piercings (of which I have none). I’m a long—time fitness person, and I’ve found that shaping my hair growth goes VERY well with a sculpted body. The second best thing about it is that I no longer get that annoying shaving rash (or razor cuts). I've almost completed my torso, so that I have only a perfect "treasure trail" left. Now I’m working on getting the beard off my neck, the hair out of my ears, and off my nose, so that it grows perfectly on my face. My wife is stoked. If you have a dream of perfectly shaped hair growth, then Elissa (and electrology) are for you!!!

I have been to 3 electrologists in the past, but I have found that Elissa and her office are the most professional. She uses modern equipment that is very fast and precise. There is also another part-time electrologist Marlene. The office has a receptionist so you do not have to play telephone tag to get an appointment. That makes this office and downtown location very accessible.

I highly recommend Elissa at Soft Touch Electrolysis. She is super quick (allowing you to get more done in less time) and she has a nice space downtown, so its also convenient. Trust me, it is worth going to a skilled professional like Elissa if you want to get permanent hair removal. She’s got tons of credentials on her wall and uses state of the art equipment. She’s also super nice and very gentle.

Electrolysis: Working Wonders to Reveal Your Natural Beauty

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